PHOENIX's Science Department

If you are on this page you are most likely to be a Scientist. This page is different to our curse server that is running as we speak. Here I will update every day to give the scientists new projects to work on our design. To be a scientist in PHOENIX you must know physics, elements, designing (technology) and what elements compare with what and do not create a chemical reaction (Like explosion or something). A scientist is probably the second most important job in PHOENIX as most of our items come from science. Myself , harry , has created a mini science object that can attatch on to its target and sting it. This does not kill but it leaves you with a dead arm (it is functional). So then, lets get onto the topic. At this moment in time I am still working on the script to create a chat room so you can discuss the topics... If you have any sugestions post it on our curse server. Before you start I need to tell you what this word meens, In-Human. In-Human meens you are human but you have alien DNA flowing through you. Basicly mutants, humans with powers.

This is all the current projects we are working on.